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Maddie - 

Maddie – aka the Fairy Godmother – has a slight obsession with all things Fairytale. Growing up, she spent all of her free time putting on shows, making costumes of her fav characters (don’t ask about the red maternity pants she wore as Sebastien *facepalm*), and generally clowning around! It was really no surprise when she “grew up” to be a Musical Theatre actress! Maddie has performed professionally all over the world for over a decade, and even landed the dream job – as a singer for Disney! Being surrounded by the charm and quality of Disney’s magic, as well as her own love of fairy tales and making people smile, is what inspired her to create Ever Enchanted.

Maddie still performs professionally, sharing her magic in pantos, musicals, and cabarets all across the UK. Her favourite roles to date include Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, the title role in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Karen in Therapy the Musical. But she now also uses her magic to run Ever Enchanted, making dreams come true for both little and not-so-little fairytale fans! You can find Maddie handling your enquiries, making costumes, designing the entertainment, and of course, using her talents to make your favourite Princesses come to life!

Maddie's Favourite

Fairytale: Tangled

Princess to be: Glass Slipper

Animal sidekick: Meeko

Song to perform: Show Yourself

Charlie - Magic Maker

Charlie has always been a huge fan of fantasy films, and loves playing the clown and making people laugh. He is also a professional actor, and some of his favourite roles have included Jack Frost in "Secret Santa" (which is where he met Maddie!), playing the title role of Robin Hood touring Italy, and Prince Charming in Snow White . Oh! And he's also appeared on Hollyoaks- swoon!

Charlie is currently touring as Nick Massi in "Big Girls Don't Cry" UK Tour which features all the hits from Frank Valli and the Four Seasons! As well as being a superstar, Charlie is Maddie's right-hand man and handles the tech for all of Ever Enchanted's Live sessions and quizzes, as well as creating all the magical special effects and editing for the Video Messages! All of his tech skills have earned him the title of Magic Maker! But we think he'd make a perfect Prince for our Princesses too!

Charlie's Favourite

Fairytale movie: Coco

Princess: Tower Princess

Animal sidekick: Mushu

Song to perform: Go The Distance

Amanda - Princess Extraordinaire

Amanda's Favourite

Fairytale movie: Beauty & the Beast

Princess to be: Rose Princess

Animal sidekick: Stitch

Song to perform: Speechless

Amanda has always been surrounded by a love of Fairytale magic, and from a young age always imagined what it would be like to be a Princess! She trained in Musical Theatre, whilst training she even had the opportunity to perform on the Disney Channel! How cool is that?!

She still performs professionally in musicals, and pantos. She even occasionally dabbles in fur character work! Her favourite roles to date include Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, Amber in Hairspray, and she is currently rehearsing for The Addams family as the iconic Wednesday Addams! Amazing!

In between all of her acting gigs, Amanda loves nothing more than bringing her favourite Fairytale characters to life with Ever Enchanted, and seeing kids and grown ups alike light up with joy when meeting their Princess idols!

Founder of Ever Enchanted Celebrations


Princess team?

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We are looking for enchanting, professional trained West End actresses to join our team and bring our Princesses to life for events, photo shoots, local appearances, and more!

To apply, please send your CV, headshot, and a video of you singing your favourite fairytale song to:

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