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Enchanting and fun-filled

Princess Entertainment

for children's parties!

Proudly serving Chiswick families

and the West London area, since 2019

                                                is for Chiswick families that want to see their children's faces light up with joy when their favourite Princess comes to life at their celebration! Brought to life by West End professionals, our princesses will bring the magic to you, and take care of every part of the fantasy entertainment - even glitter makeovers and Princess lessons - so that Mum & Dad can enjoy every second of the party without the hassle or stress!

2021 availability booking up fast!


you'll get:

Professional entertainment perfect for girls AND boys!

The magic of a theme park brought to you!

A West End actress bringing your Fairytale to life!


the hassle of organising!

Or, the stress of keeping everyone entertained on the big day! that you can party Happily



Princess Parties can resume from June 21st!

"I cannot recommend Ever Enchanted enough! A++! Thank you so much for making my little girl smile today"

"Fantastic experience! My daughter loved every minute grinning from ear to ear"

- Rachael A

- Emma C


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How we make party planning EASY!

Step 1

Reserve your requested party date through our simple booking system!

Step 3

Step 2

Receive magical guidance, re-assurance, and top tips from our Fairy Godmother, as she plans all the entertainment for you!

Sit back and relax as your child's fairytale dream comes to life before their eyes!


would you like a free monthly princess video?

Pick your Royal Encounter

40 minutes on Zoom!

Princess Party Parcel sent prior with gift!

Live singing!

Games and dancing!

Up to 15 children!


Princess Party

Gifts from a Princess!

Live singing!

Princess lessons!



2 hour Party entertainment!

Pass the Parcel, plus dance games & prizes!

Glitter Makeover option!

Magic Wish!

Up to 20 children!

Princess Party

childrens party london

We totally understand that sometimes things go wrong (*cough* 2020 *cough*) which is why we will happily re-schedule your booking to another date^, and offer a complimentary Princess  Video message should your booking not be able to go ahead!^

^Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply

our guarantee



What Princesses do you offer?

Waltzing into your children's hearts and memories are the elegant Glass Slipper Princess, beautiful Sleeping Princess, playful Tower Princess, and - of course - the ever magical Ice Queen! *2021 update* The Rose Princess has joined our Royal collection! Should you wish to request a visit from aPrincess who has yet to join our team, please send our Fairy Godmother a message as she may be able to grant your wish with her magic wand!

Can I invite more than one Princess?

Absolutely! If your little Fairytale fan can't decide which royal is her favourite, you can invite them both for double the fun! Pricings for addtional Princesses are listed here.

Can I pick up an item in person if I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Of course! Go ahead and pay for the item online, let us know in the comments that you want to pick it up in person, and we'll reimburse you the shipping when you pick up the item. Please include your email address so that we can email you to make arrangements.

What is fine silver / metal clay?

About 15 years ago, a new way to work with silver was created. Reclaimed silver is ground very finely and combined with a binder to create a type of clay. Metal clay can easily be formed into unique jewelry shapes, and when it is fired in a kiln, the binder burns off, leaving almost pure silver (.999% silver), called fine silver. Sterling silver is .925% silver; it has some copper included for strength.

Do you do custom orders?

That depends on what you want and how quickly you need it! Please email us with any custom requests.

Why are items out of stock from time to time?

Items shown online may be among the artwork we take to local art shows from time to time. Whenever we are in a show, all items online will change to 'out of stock' until we return and can update our current inventory.


Why choose us?

Truly enchanting Princesses in high quality costumes!

Professional PA system & magical 

themed backdrops!

DBS-checked, West End actresses bring the magic to life!

Fun-filled, unique themed entertainment!

Princess Academy, glitter make-overs, bubbles, and more!


2021 availability booking up fast!


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