Blessed with The Gift Of Song, our professionally trained performers have shared their magic on stages all across the world! Many of them have even worked for The Mouse himself!! AND, not only are our Princesses the finest of entertainers, but they ALSO wear "Theme Park accurate" dresses and sing their famous song LIVE - so there can be no doubt in your little one's mind that they just met "the real" version of their idol! Our Princesses truly are shining, shimmering, and splendid!

PS. Now you can have double the fun by inviting a second Princess to your party!

"I cannot recommend Ever Enchanted Celebrations enough! My daughter absolutely loves all of the princesses, we have also been tuning into their live sessions during isolation and it is so lovely to see a smile on my little girls face as she sings and dances along. Thank you Ever Enchanted!"

Kim, mum of Allea - aged 5


Our beautiful Glass Slipper Princess knows the importance of having courage and being kind...and how a shoe can change your life! Invite this classic Princess to add a touch of magic and elegance to your party.


Whether she's wearing her classic ice dress, or her stunning spirit dress our sassy and most regal host will give you spectacular party to always remember  - you'll be so amazed that you'll never want to Let It Go!



Our Sleeping Princess' hosting skills are positively dreamy! Graced with the Gift of Song and Beauty, this elegant Princess will waltz her way into your guests hearts, for a party to treasure forever! 



Our ditzy Tower Princess is always looking for an adventure now that she's out of her tower! If you chose to invite this bundle of sunshine to your event, you're guaranteed a party filled with laughter and playfulness.


Please note that Ever Enchanted Celebrations is in no way affiliated with Disney, and that any infringement to copyright is unintended.


Princess Parties

for kids!

Waving our magic wand over Chiswick and West London

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