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Once Upon A Time, a young girl loved nothing more than watching Fairytales, dressing up as her favourite Princess, and singing along with their iconic songs!

Twenty years later she *still* hadn’t grown out of her Princess phase, and what’s more, she harboured a secret desire to embrace her love of Fairytale magic. More than anything she wanted to celebrate her birthday with a real-life Princess, and she realised that she was actually pretty envious of the little girls who got to invite one to their parties!

The not-so-young-girl realised that she couldn’t be the *only* not-so-Grown-Up who wanted to embrace their inner-kid and love of Princesses! She asked all her friends, and they confided that they still loved Princesses as well! In fact, they secretly begrudged their nieces when a Princess came to tea too!

Being a modern, create-your-own-future kinda gal, she decided to not wait for a Fairy Godmother to solve this particular problem- and took the matter into her own hands. She created Ever Enchanted Celebrations, an entertainment company that provides Princess experiences for both kids AND grownups!

With a wealth of the highest customer service experience, some very talented West End actresses, as well as a passion for making dreams come true, you can be sure that your search for the perfect Princess encounter for ANY aged Fairytale Fan can end happily Ever Enchanted!

Once Upon A Time...

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