Princess Parties London
Princess Parties London

Top 5 Tips

Princess Parties London

for throwing a stress free celebration!

princess parties london

Skip the Paper Invitations - Go Digital!

Our Princesses have hosted and attended many a ball, so they know a thing or two about making a celebration as enchanting - and easy going - as possible! Here they've compiled their Top 5 Tips to help make your loved one's day truly magical...and yours stress-free!


E-vites and Facebook events make it easy to customize your special event. If any details change a simple click can fix the problem and will save you money and lots of headaches!


Cupcakes Over Cake Every Time!

Skip the cake that is only good for pictures, and opt for cupcakes! They are usually cheaper and easier, you don't need plates or forks, and you can get them in several flavours for picky guests. Plus they’re easy to pack up for goodie bags and can theme them to your event! Win Win!


Decorations Don't Have to be Elaborate!

It would be wonderful to host a party in a real-life fairytale castle decorated in fresh flowers, epic balloon arches with themed hand-crafted place settings… but, ultimately the guests will forget the amazing décor and simply remember their loved one's faces as they celebrated with their friends and family! Save yourself from making decorations for weeks in advance (only then throw or give them away!) and head on down to the high street! Pound Land and similar stores offer simple cute decorations that will brighten a room and lighten a budget.


Accept Help!

You Don't Have To Do Everything!!! Most of the time all you have to do is ask. The Tower Princess is an amazing baker and she loves seeing peoples smiles when they eat her delicious creations! Everyone has their niche and most people will love to be included, then they can turn to other guests and say, "See the balloon flowers - I did that!" Don't have many friends or family to help? Hire someone! Support a local small business that provides what you need help with (check out our fav local business here!) or pay a helper for the day. Many young people would love to make a little spending money for helping out for the day.


Remember Why You're There!

So every tiny detail is not perfect.... THAT'S OK! You are there to celebrate! Be in the moment! Of course pictures are important but maybe hand the camera, or picture responsibility, to another person so you can truly be there in that moment for your little (or not-so-little!) Princess! So you can make magical memories to last you both a lifetime!

princess parties london